Alternative Health offers tips, articles and information on many types alternative health and natural healing to help you and your family. On the next pages you will find sections on Acne, Aromatherapy and Aromatherapy Massage techniques, plus Homeopathy, Yoga, Ayurveda, plus articles on Herbal Medicine, Reiki, and Spiritual Healing and other alternative or complimentary methods of treatment.
Alternative Health Articles

We are adding more articles and information on alternative and natural health therapies from a world wide range of Doctors likeĀ Dr Adil Baguirov and other health professionals, just take a look and see… Alternative and Natural Health articles. – Baby Sleep – Does your Baby Sleep?

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More and more people are recognising that we all have a responsibility to keep ourselves well. A trip to the doctor is sometimes necessary, nevertheless their are many occasions we can help ourselves, or try and find an alternative to taking a few pills. Most alternative therapy and complimentary medicine have one thing in common, they are more in tune with nature and that has to be good for you.

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